Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yes, Extremely Wet Diapers DO Explode When Dropped from the Balcony

No, I didn't take a picture. And I'm thankful it wasn't a dirty diaper. BTW: it was me, not my children who threw the diaper (though they do it now and then). I do that alot in the mornings around here: toss pajamas, sheets, diapers, pretty much anything that's soft that needs to be down there. It saves me a few trips up/downstairs and nothing is usually worse for it.

Until today. The diaper burst. Gobs of tiny gel-ish things spewed toward the front door and almost made it into our shoes. I gasped. Claire cried. It was an interesting twist in our otherwise ho-hum morning. A few hours later I managed to fall down half of our stairs while holding Haley. Ever have one of those days where it would be nice to just go back to bed and start over again? But anyway, neither one of us was hurt. I've rehearsed in my mind what to do if I fall down stairs while holding a child. Lean back and to the side. So my upper thigh is pretty sore, but Haley was well protected and didn't have a clue of her near brush with pain. Of course, I gasped again. And as it would be today--for many things--Claire cried again.

Finally showing off her teeth

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