Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Herd Overheard

Casey, having had a 3 ½ hour night of sleep due to sick kiddos: "When you have a lack of tired. . ." and "That makes my finger cringe." 3/22/09

Ruby to Daddy re: Haley: "I'll comfortable she." (I'll comfort her) 3/29/09

Ruby, discussing a movie she just saw: "No, Claire. Cows don't really 'save the day'." 4/14/09

Claire, sighing: "I have two babies to deal with." 4/14/09

Claire, looking at photos: "I was being tickled by an armpit." 4/19/09

Mommy (unloading the car): "Take your cup with you."

Ruby: "I can't; I'm full of hands." 4/23/09

Ruby, singing the chorus of a Hymn: "And His glory is exhausted." (exalted) 5/10/09

Mommy to Claire (After she'd run out the front door to wave to the garbage man.): "We don't say 'hi' when we're naked." 5/11/09

Ruby, playing with action figures(?), introducing herself and her friend to Claire's action figures: "I'm Cinderella and this is Butch. He's just mad at people." 5/25/09

Ruby, looking at some family pics: "Mom you look funny lots of times." 5/28/09

Claire, holding part of her dinner on a finger: "Some time, I could give this to a cow." 5/30/09

Daddy, describing his 7-up: "Overall, it's just too bland."
Claire: "Daddy, you shouldn't say, 'you stupid man'!" 6/4/09

Ruby, playing action figures with Claire: "Careful, Chuck! You have your life way ahead of you!"
Claire (Chuck): "Okay. I will hold my breath." 6/9/09