Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll Be Back Soon, Little Neglected Blog!

My first Brio Birth series finishes up tomorrow.  The fact that two evenings a week are spent on this (one to prepare, one to teach), coupled with the fact that Ian has gone completely high-need on me since December (seriously--it's like we have Ruby as a newborn again) and we're neck-deep in Haley's two-years-going-on-three-ness (which really, you'd have to witness to understand, and even then, you might think we're just not implimenting the "right" tactics, but the fact is that yes, we have yet another strong-willed child, and tactics only go so far. . .you'd have to have been there ) and the icing of Claire's leftover toddler vestiges (read: fits) revisiting us more often than they were a good six months ago. . .

[Deep breath in]

I am.



All the time.

I hope that conveys a glimpse of what's been going on here the last few months.

Anyway, I just got on while nursing Ian one last time for the night (or so I delude myself) to read a few blogs (How I've missed you, blogging friends! It has been too long!) and realized that it is feasible that I may blog again soon.  Got excited at the prospect and wanted to share.

* Disclaimer: If this remains the last post for another 4 months, finishing my first series apparently hasn't made enough of a difference.  Please re-read the above and pray for us.  No really.  Please do it either way.