Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll Be Back Soon, Little Neglected Blog!

My first Brio Birth series finishes up tomorrow.  The fact that two evenings a week are spent on this (one to prepare, one to teach), coupled with the fact that Ian has gone completely high-need on me since December (seriously--it's like we have Ruby as a newborn again) and we're neck-deep in Haley's two-years-going-on-three-ness (which really, you'd have to witness to understand, and even then, you might think we're just not implimenting the "right" tactics, but the fact is that yes, we have yet another strong-willed child, and tactics only go so far. . .you'd have to have been there ) and the icing of Claire's leftover toddler vestiges (read: fits) revisiting us more often than they were a good six months ago. . .

[Deep breath in]

I am.



All the time.

I hope that conveys a glimpse of what's been going on here the last few months.

Anyway, I just got on while nursing Ian one last time for the night (or so I delude myself) to read a few blogs (How I've missed you, blogging friends! It has been too long!) and realized that it is feasible that I may blog again soon.  Got excited at the prospect and wanted to share.

* Disclaimer: If this remains the last post for another 4 months, finishing my first series apparently hasn't made enough of a difference.  Please re-read the above and pray for us.  No really.  Please do it either way.


Christina said...

I miss Ian... and the girls... dearly :)

I hope things slow down for you! I'll be praying!

Karin said...

I've missed your blogging, SRS, so I hope your life does settle after your class finishes enough to write a little bit.

What do you mean by high-need? Is he insisting on being held constantly? Is he insisting on being nursed constantly?(Is he getting enough food in his little tummy? You know how sometimes *some* mothers can starve their babies at that age:)

Ann said...

Sarah! Good to hear from you. I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you guys were doing and I pretty much guessed what you stated-you are spent! I can only imagine. We are in a bit of a time with Andrew and his two's, but for the most part in a fairly good place right now. I have a VERY large feeling that is all about to change. As I near my last trimester, I feel like I need to buckle up and hold on tight.

How's homeschooling going? Do you feel in over your head with it? I'm pretty nervous about tackling everything next year.

Hope things get better with Haley and Ian.

Sarah said...

Kar, what I mean by "high need" is a few things:

1) He's no longer sleeping well (I should say "at all" to get the point across--he's like Ruby as a newborn this way). Last night was the first night in a very long time that he made it more than 2-3 hours between feedings (a whole 8 hours, for which I was so thankful!), and naps are a fiasco (I'm thrilled if he'll take one 20-minute nap--again like Ruby).

2) He wants to be held all the time. There are times when he is okay with me putting him down, but I never know when that will be, or how long it will last, so we are back to survival mode nowadays (ie: not trying to get anything done).

As far as I can tell, he's eating enough. (At least the fat rolls have not disappeared!) I nurse on request and he's finally on some solids (a few times a day for the last few weeks) and I give him food until he stops eating.

Yes I know "those" moms :). I have learned better than to say "that *has* to be enough" when my baby has had more than I would eat as a pregnant and nursing adult(!). It was a good lesson to learn.

I'm guessing most of our troubles are teething-related. He has yet to get a tooth, but is obviously working on some.

One good thing (and unlike how R was) is that he's usually content to just be held by me--he doesn't need to be bounced or walked or danced or sung to or, or, or . . . But he is a total Mama's boy--something that is completely new to me with regard to our babies. (A baby who only wants Mommy? What?!)

Sarah said...

Ann, yes, things will change for you shortly! But it took a good 5-6 months before we started running into any issues . . . perhaps God will have mercy and you, too, will have a difficult time postponed :).

Homeschooling is . . . going. I decided to just focus on the basics: reading's where it's at right now :) and tell myself next year, we'll be able to do more. I also was encouraged early on by an article in Sept. about half of ABQ school students being functionally illiterate in 4th grade! That was a boost for me--I can do better than that! Thank God for low standards, huh?!

Anyway, you'll do just fine. Even if what you "do" doesn't seem like much. Caring for four little ones is no small task (it's enough for me, most days).

The Wells Family said...

I'm so glad to see you blogging again. Do you have a baby sling? Use it and take that baby with you. Everywhere!
We got acquainted with a dear family a couple of years ago; they had 4 (one a newborn); she was homeschooling and he was gone daylight to dark. She toted that baby everywhere and the older three were the most secure little people I'd ever met. I'm convinced if I had to do it over I would hold my babies all of the time.
I have two lovely young women in my house who are looking for "project"; would you let one of them come and be your maid for a week? SERIOUSLY.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Jimmie! I'm back. . . a little, at least!

Baby slings, have one and loved it for the first 3, and then I loved my sister's Moby wrap so much, I bought my own for Ian. Sadly, he has outgrown the Moby and is too heavy for the not-as-erganomic sling (read: my back can't handle it), so right now, I usually hold him old school, and I do take him everywhere (even on my "nights off" and teaching classes--he's with me almost always).

As to a daughter wanting a project, twist my arm! We would LOVE to have some extra helping hands for a week! LOVE it! We have a guest room she could stay in and see what our crazy life looks like!