Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guest Post by Ruby

Hello, blogging friends!  Home school is in full swing here, and that is a post all to itself.  Quickly, I’ll just say that I have a new respect for homeschoolers (I always have respected you.  I just do even more now.)

Ruby’s Language Arts assignment today was to dictate to me a story that is familiar to her.  She picked Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Without further ado, here is her (completely unadulterated) version:

One day, the three little bears woke up and they’s mom maked porridge and the daddy bear said, “The porridge is too hot.” So, the mommy bear said, “We can go on a walk.”


They forgot to lock they’s door. Goldilocks looked in the window and knocked on the door, but nobody was home. She came in the house. Goldilocks tasted the mommy bear’s porridge.


It was too soft. Then she tried the daddy bear’s porridge and it was too hot. She tried the baby bear’s and it was just right, so she ate it all gone.


So, she tried the mommy bear’s rocking chair, but it was too soft. She tried the daddy bear’s, but it was too hard. So Goldilocks go’ed on the baby bear’s rocking chair and rocked and rocked until she broke it.


She tried the daddy bed, but it was too long, and she tried the mommy bear’s, but the pillow was too “up.” She tried the baby bear’s, and it was juuuust right, so she slep and she slep.


The mommy bear came home and the daddy bear. The baby said, “My porridge is all gone.” And so the mommy bear said “Sombody tried my porridge,” and the daddy bear said, “Somebody tried my porridge.”


Now they looked in the bed and so the baby bear saw that one and it said, “can you play with me?” but Goldilocks was so scared, she hopped out the bed and runned out the window.

E end.