Friday, November 21, 2008

My First Post from This Beauty. . .

Casey surprised me with an early Christmas present. Isn't she lovely?

It's a perfect gift, since he is a computer guy and knows me so well. He custom made it for me and included all the things that I would find important, but wouldn't know to order myself. And the red he just knew I'd love. Have I said he knows me well?

When it came, Casey set it up and got everything in order the way I would want it (I know so little about computers, I couldn't even tell you what all he did--but I do appreciate it.)

Case half-jokes that this is my Christmas gift as well as my Mother's Day, Birthday, Valentine's, Anniversary. . . (you get the idea) gifts for next year. If it is, I'd be okay with that. Give me a card with an affectionate note for those days and I'll be happy (even minus the laptop!).

Ruby broke out her laptop almost immediately.

This is what Casey has been doing with his--ahem--"spare" time the last few weeks. Er . . . not huffing. The part that's supposed to stand out is the model plane. Perhaps I should post this picture instead?

In other events, our friends got married last weekend. Ruby had the privilege of being the flower girl. Unfortunately, the day was such a whirlwind that we didn't take even one pic of Ruby. But Casey did manage to snap this one of the lovely bride.