Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cindy Lou Who?

In the past two years, Casey and I have both been told the same thing by different people about our oldest child. “She looks just like Cindy Lou Who!” I remember seeing a picture of CLW, but not since Ruby had been born, so Casey did a search on her to see what exactly people saw that made them think they looked alike.

So I’m guessing it's the blonde hair and the eyes. But mostly the eyes.

Last week, while in line at Dion’s (a local pizza restaurant), a customer next to me commented: “That girl’s eyes are bigger than her face.” When she found out Ruby was mine, she was apologetic, but I just thought it was funny (especially the fact that she was so embarrassed). I told her about the CLW comment we usually get, and she agreed.

The Herd Overheard

Every so often, I plan to do a post of strange or amusing things I've heard my children say (or things I hear myself or Casey say to them).

Here's hoping you enjoy them as much as I have!

Ruby to Mommy: "People say 'cheers' when they want to." Sept. 19

Claire to Daddy: "You're bossing me right and left!" Sept. 21

Ruby to Mommy: "We love ours chother" (each other) Oct 2

Ruby praying in another room: "God, please don't let me die and make me into a woman." Oct. 9

Claire to Daddy (as he changes her diaper): "It's too tight. I need it rooster." Oct. 13

Believe it or not, Haley was actually sleeping in this position until shortly before I took this picture.