Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation From My Problems, Part 2

My beautiful sis, Deb. Karin got some lovely pictures with her new Cannon Rebel. Unfortunately, I will not be showing many of them, because of this craziness with Blogger (uploading pictures). So many of the solutions I've found include taking three (or four or five) extra steps--half of which I do not understand--and I just don't have that kind of time to hash it all out. Anyone else getting halted/slowed in posting pictures since the end of June? I'm done fighting with it.
Deb and Alan the Second (who is Karin's, not Deb's, son).

My oldest sister, Maranatha. As a group of lost lambs, we look to her for direction. Sometimes she gives it to us.

Uncle Daniel hanging with the kiddos. They love him! (Who doesn't love Daniel?)

Claire, Daniel, Lydia, Ruby and Isaac.

Isaac is the oldest grandchild. There is only a four year difference between him and his Uncle David. (Not surprisingly, they often act like siblings). Too bad all the boys are coming along now, huh, Isaac? Where were they ten years ago?

Karin and Alan the Second. He looks so much like Karin did as a baby/child. I'm sure his dad's family says the same thing about Alan, but I can see Karin so much (minus the platinum blonde hair).

Since they live in the same city, Lyd has been holding Caiden since he was born. He loves her. Too bad all the cousins can't grow up together.

Deb, Caiden and Brett.

Another grandkid pic. I know I posted one last post, but it's funny to try to get a picture of a group this large and dynamic (and mobile).

The four sisters: Maranatha, me, Deborah and Karin. It's great having sisters!

One night, my sisters and mom arranged a girl's night, for which childcare was pre-arranged for my little ones. (Uncles Dan and Dave to the rescue!)

The girl's night was a pamper night, all a surprise to me. I happened to bring some manicure stuff (because it was a girl's night, after all; thought we could stand to soften our hands). But Karin was strongly suspicious that something had leaked about the "plan" for that night. (I would love to post a few pics of our lovely evening, but not now while it is so difficult with Blogger. Perhaps when they get the kinks worked out, I will come back and add those pictures.)

Karin and Deb had decorated Deb's house beautifully with tons of candles (100, to be exact--Lydia counted them) and Maran brought wine and several different kinds of exotic cheese. It was a lovely, relaxing evening. Karin even did my pedicure for me. (It has lasted a month now, Karin! I'm just now having to take the polish off!) What a great surprise and a perfect way to spend time with one another. Low-key with plenty of talk time and something fun and practical to accomplish. That my sisters would go to all that trouble was a sweet picture of their love for me. I relished the time, ladies! Thank you for several wonderful hours of girliness!