Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Five-Year-Old Says That?!?

This afternoon, I was pouring (special) drinks into glasses for me and the girls.  All three were gathered around me with much interest and excitement.  From the oldest came this statement:

“Mom, you’re cheating us.  Look how much bigger your glass is.”

As this comment may suggest, Casey and I have noticed a trend in the entitled direction with regard to our children (and, I don’t deny the possibility that it may be happening with us as well—easier to see in others. :)  We’re looking into ways to curtail such things.

As a family (at the dinner table, for instance), we often list things for which we are thankful.  At the moment, nothing else comes to mind as to what we already do to help foster gratefulness.

Does your family have a plan of action in this area?  Know any good ideas?  Please share!