Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Herd Overheard

These two pictures from last summer/fall capture R & C's personalities quite well. Ruby is more girly and into accessorizing. . . Claire jumps in with both feet and is quite the tomboy. (Though they are both big fans of mud!)

Mommy to the girls (after they came back inside after only a few minutes playing in the backyard): "You need to play outside."

Ruby: "We can't. We runned out of air out there." 6/7/09

Claire, telling Case about her watch: "It's time to go to bed because it says it's an inch and a half." 6/7/09

Ruby to Mommy: "I'll scream at the top of your ears." 6/24/09

Ruby: "Mom, Claire scratched me and I'm allergic to kids." 6/23/09

Daddy: "I'm beat."

Claire: "By who?" 6/27/09

Claire, on the phone to a birthday well-wisher: "I have a beautiful dress; it's kinda wet 'cause I've been sucking on it." 7/14/09

Claire loves order. As she sits, she organizes her toys.

That same day, I came back to my pile of folded kitchen laundry to see that she had unstacked it and put all her babies to bed on each of the laundry pieces. Every baby has a bed. (Even the gravy whisk.)

Ruby: "I don't like this lip gloss, Mommy. Sometimes when I lick it, it tastes like bridge." 8/15/09
(R & C have made several comments now about things tasting like "bridge." I only wish I knew what they meant.

Ruby: "May I have some lip guac?" 8/30/09 (As in guacamole.)

Claire looks at bugs with Mommy and Haley.
Mommy: "I think those beetles are mating."
Claire: "Oh. . . They look so friendly." 8/11/09

Ruby: "Lydia would like to try ballet, but her mom says her hips are too big." 8/14/09

In September: cousins Ruby and Lydia (whose hips are clearly too big to be included in the picture).

Ruby: "I'm NOT huffing off in a puff, Mommy." 8/21/09

Mommy: "Claire, would you do me a favor?"

Claire: (not snotty—just matter of fact) "You could do yourself a favor, 'cause I'm going outside." 9/1/09

Ruby and Claire, very proud of their first attempt to load the dishes without guidance.

Mom: "Claire, what did you do to Ruby?"

Claire: "I hitted her."

Mom: "With what?"

Claire: "With my teeth."

Mom: "What is it called when you 'hit someone with your teeth'?" (Meaning, "biting.")
Claire: "Sin." 9/2/09

Ruby, outside Walgreens: "I sure hope that man doesn't steal paint polish for his mommy." 9/3/09

Listening to a CD of hymns at bedtime
Ruby: "They are singing to God."
Claire: "To make Him sleep." 9/12/09

Haley gives new meaning to "beanie baby."

Mom (as a loud crash happens while Claire runs her stroller around the house): "Wow, Claire. Are you okay?"

Claire: "Yeah. I'm just being wild." 9/17/09

All aboard the reading train!

Ruby: "Claire's trying to scratch me."
Claire: "No, I'm showing her my fingernails." 9/18/09

After mom's warning that sitting on a small slat of wood might not be the best idea. . .
Ruby: "It might break . . . only if I was too heavy, like a woman." 9/18/09

Claire (peeved): "I'm going away from you, Ruby."
Ruby: "I'm okay with that, because sometimes I need time to myself." 9/21/09

With a napkin, Ruby was picking up some pepperoni pieces that had dropped on the ground while bringing her slice of pizza to the table.
Claire: "It's kinda like you're picking someone's nose . . . with lots of boogers in it." 9/09

Claire: "I'm wiping my nose with a Kleenex."

Ruby: "Maybe your tongue could be a Kleenex." 10/2/09

Mommy: "Today is catch-up day."
Ruby: "Could we make it mustard day instead?" 10/13/09

Claire: "Goodnight, Mom-poop."
Mom: "Don't call me that—it isn't respectful."
Claire: "But it is funny." 10/23/09

Claire, brushing her baby: "She'll be all dry in the morning, 'cause I'm brushing her skin off."
Ruby: "Ah, poor thing. I don't usually do that." 10/24/09

As all four of us girls enter a public bathroom stall. . .

Me (to Haley): "No! Do NOT touch the toilet."
Claire: "Only juicy bottoms are allowed to touch the toilet."
Me: giggling uncontrollably
Claire: "Don't laugh, Mom. I'm not used to it." 11/11/09

Mom: "Which ear hurts?"
Claire: "The right one."
Mom: "Okay. That makes sense."
Claire: "The wrong one hurts a little, too." 12/5/09

Daddy (reviewing the creation account): "Why did God create woman?"

Ruby: "So she could tell Adam what to do." 12/6/09

Claire, singing God Rest Ye, Merry Gentleman (tidings of comfort and joy.): "Ahhhh. . . Covered in joy!" 1/1/10