Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Herd Overheard

Yesterday, I had the privilege (and I do mean privilege, for several reasons) of spending a few hours alone in an urgent care facility. While waiting to be seen, I was able to start a few posts, including this one. When you look forward to dentist visits because it means you have a full hour of sitting or reclining without children, an urgent care visit by yourself is also a highlight of your week! Yesterday marked the first time I have been away from all of my children for more than a couple hours since before I had Haley last May. It really was a wonderful break. For curiosity’s sake (I’m always curious what stay-at-home-moms do with their children for things like this) I’ll mention that Casey had all three girls for four hours, which was also a milestone! I rarely leave him with all three, and if I do, it’s usually for a short time, while most (if not all) of them are asleep. Casey took a half day off, met me in ABQ and we exchanged vehicles and children. Case did so well with them, and even fed Haley some solid food without problems. I was so rejuvenated and rested from literally sitting for hours that I had enough energy when I got home to get the girls dinner (ahem: heat some leftovers) and get them ready for bed.

Anyway, I will expound on this visit later, when I hear the results of some lab work, but for now, I give you some quirky things that have been said around our house in the last month.
Ruby: “Ya know, Mom, sometimes boogers tickle us. That’s why we have to take them out.” 12/20/08

Mom to Claire: “Don’t put pears on your eye. Don’t put cheese on your face.” 12/20/08

Ruby (singing with gusto): “Fw-ees hah-be-dah!” (Feliz Navidad) 12/20/08

Ruby, getting a flashlight out of a drawer: “I just need to check to see if God is in that little hole.” 12/29/08
{I have to admit, I was baffled at this statement. I told Casey a few days later and he explained that he had sent Ruby inside to get a flashlight so he could look in the hold of their little Noah’s ark to see if Noah had gotten stuck in there. It made a lot more sense in that context, and so did this. Apparently for our girls, anyone with a long white beard is mistaken this way. I’m not sure what is to blame for this, but I have my suspicions.}

Ruby (helping Casey with yard work): “We are having a fire on the ground and it is not fun. It could burn you.” 12/29/08

Ruby (with her stethoscope): “Mom, I’m going to check Haley. I think she has a brain.” 1/5/09
Claire, swinging on the swing set: “It’s like a paraglider!” 1/9/09
Ruby: “Mom! Claire hitted me!”
Claire: “I did not hit she. I gived she a high five.” 1/21/09

Claire, assessing the finishing touch she’s just put on the picture she’s painting: “OOOOOO . . . . Beautiful!” 1/22/09

“Dr.” Ruby, as she examines Casey: “Dad, you have a woman in your's heart.” 1/24/09
{Later, she called her associate, Dr. Claire, on the phone to ask her to come help remove the woman.}

The conversation overheard today as R & C sipped tea from these lovely mugs (more on that later):
Ruby: “I love these cups.”
Claire: “Is this God?”
Ruby: “No.”
Claire: “Is it Moses?”
Ruby: “No.”
Claire: “Who is it?”
Ruby: “Mmmm . . . It’s a Kwimmus man.”