Friday, March 20, 2009

The Herd Overheard

Ruby: “This is going to be a good day!”
Mom: “Why do you say that?”
Ruby: “Because we’re blowing bubbles!” 01/29/09

Over lunch, Claire explains that she prefers to eat her hot dog “with no butt.” 02/08/09

Ruby to Mommy: “You are not being too bossy. You are trying to be a nicer mommy today.” 02/10/09

Claire, watching me get some tape out of the drawer: “What’s that for?”
Mommy: “Taping.”
Claire: “Oh, gotcha. I did not know it was for taping.” 2/12/09

Ruby: “Why do you keep singing that song?”
Mommy: “I guess I have it stuck in my head.”
Claire: “Maybe a screwdriver will help you get it out.” 03/03/09

Casey, explaining why he is gone so long during the day: “I have a boss who tells me how many hours I need to work.”
Claire: “Mommy’s the boss!” 3/18/09

Ruby and Claire try out Daddy's new toy: radios that connect to his PPG helmet.

Have you heard that before?
Sometimes, the girls will (try to) mimic what they have overheard. . .

Ruby to Claire: “Don’t stomp off of a huff!” 02/09/09

Claire: “You crack me out.” 12/30/08

Claire, in the middle of church service, as a freight train blares its horn a few hundred feet from us: (putting her finger to her lips): “Shhh, train. We are at church.” 1/18/09

Ruby: “Claire, you can sit in your booster seat.”
Claire: “That sounds kinda foo-ish!” (Foolish—Claire has been saying this sentence often lately, as well as exchanging the word for others, like “kinda rude” or “kinda unkind”) 2/8/09

Ruby to Claire: “You should have put your eyes on your purse so you wouldn’t lose it.” 2/27/09

No, we really don’t talk like this
Ruby: “When I yawn, it sounds like hell.” 02/13/09
(We don't use this phrase at our house; really. But Ruby does know the word, and she meant this quite literally: it sounded like she was saying the word “hell” as she yawned.)

Ruby: “I want to spend time with my Daddy. He is sweet and kind and he has great beauty inside.” 02/19/09
(Ru got this from a book on CD that she listens to often, in which there is a riddle about an oyster.)

Say What?

Claire: “Ruby pinched me with she’s bottom.” 12/30/08

Claire: “I had to wash my hair ‘cause my bangs were so scratchy.” 2/2009

Ruby, trying to put a tight shirt over her head: “It hurts my teeth!” 2/16/09

Claire: “Look at my crazy thumbs!” 03/09/09

Claire, eating a snack: “Are my ears crunchy? Probably so; from the chips.” 3/10/09

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Karin said...

These crack me up! I was wondering when you were going to post something new. Thanks for all of the material this morning, SRS!