Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Week in Numbers

Casey just got back from a week-long business trip.

  • How many days we've survived without our favorite guy--Daddy, Sweetie, Babe, Dada, Honey. . .

  • Days I've let the girls watch some television or a movie
  • loads of laundry

  • visitors we've had
  • "outings" away from home

  • How many of us have had fevers

  • posts I've worked on/published
  • times the girls were put to bed before 7
  • wardrobe winter-to-spring changeouts
  • girls miss their daddy

  • times I've turned on the oven

  • times I've run the dishwasher

  • mowed lawns (surprise, honey!)

  • times I've made the bed (this is actually pretty good for me:)

  • times we ate out


  • wife misses her hubby

  • time I've turned on the stove
  • toddler blowout hosed off in the backyard
  • hour-long bath for Mommy
  • baby blood-draw (all is well)

  • times I've cried

  • nights I went to bed before midnight (sorry, Babe. I'm lost without you!)

  • times I was in P.J.s all day (this one was between zero and half)

  • trips we took to the grocery store, and consequently,

  • how much milk, bread, etc. is in our home as I write this

Too Many

  • times I wondered how we would make it through the entire week (especially those first few days)

  • times our day's plans have had to be re-worked (i.e. the number of activities we planned to do that we actually did amounts to a whopping one)
  • cups of coffee

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