Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Little, Too Late

Okay, I have to brag on my husband. We just passed our sixth anniversary. I mean to write a tribute to my wonderful hubby in honor of the occasion, but writing has not been top priority lately. Until I do write a belated tribute, I will just share two recent things my husband has done that show an incredible amount of love and his servant's heart.

A few nights ago, Casey gave me an evening and and overnight with a friend. In all, I was separated from my still-breastfeeding baby for 18 hours (not comfortable, but completely worth it). My first overnight without children since last April . . . very refreshing. And, not coincidentally, the first 6-plus-hour stretch of straight sleep I've had since about the same time last year. . . even more refreshing!

The past couple weeks had been a real struggle, since we're dealing with some difficult things in our immediate and extended family. So, one night last week, Casey suggested I take a day . . . maybe a night, too . . . and get away for some renewal. He even suggested a friend, and plans were made. What this meant for my man, besides a still-waking-at-night baby, was that he had almost zero "weekend" or refreshment himself, as he cared for our home and all three girls alone (as their primary caregiver, I can attest to the fact that it is no easy task).

And as it would happen, the friend I was "on call" for in case she needed help in labor, happened to go into labor this weekend as well. I hope to address the subject more on my birth blog (with her permission), but on this blog, I just have to brag on what a sacrificial and supportive husband God has given me.

My friend's hubby called yesterday afternoon to see if I'd come by and help assess labor. Casey, well-aware of my extreme passion for birth, was more than willing to free me to help our friends as long as they needed or wanted me. And as things turned out (very well, I might add!), Case's duties included feeding three girls four and under dinner, putting them to bed, and getting them up again around midnight to come pick me up from the hospital, take me back to their house to pick up our truck, and return home around 2 a.m.

And because yesterday's activities ran late into the night, Casey took a personal day today to help me with the girls (some of whom have been a little out-of-sorts with their weird night).

How thankful I am that God gave me a man who is attentive to my needs and desires, and gives sacrificially and generously (without complaint!) to meet the needs of the ones God has put in his care.

(On a personal note, I do not intend for this--being gone from my family for many hours at a time--to be a regular occurrence in our lives. Perhaps when the children are older, but for now, it will be a rare occasion for me to do this.)


ann said...

How fun for you! So what did Haley eat while you were away? Did she take a bottle? or just eat solids? And did you pump? I think I desperately need a date night with Steven. His birthday is at the end of May and we would like to have a night out, so I am going to see if Andrew will a do a bottle then. I know things are probably a little different since she is a good bit older. Just curious.

Sarah said...

Haley just did solids and a sippy cup of water while I was gone. We don't do formula and pumping is just too painful and non-productive for me, plus my pump is lent out right now.

I hope you get to have your date!