Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bright Spots

One of the things I've noticed in these days of Casey and I being sick is that in some ways, life is simpler and easier. Granted, we don't feel great, are sleep-deprived and whatever energy we have is short-lived. And yes, being sick and tired has meant we need to be that much more determined to train the children in kindness and obedience during this time.

But, despite there being an increasing stack of paperwork on the kitchen counter, unfinished projects sitting lonely and untouched in virtually every room, piles of clean laundry here and there around the house, dandelions growing free and unencumbered in the lawn, and other responsibilities piling up, overall, there is the sense of the pressure being off. I thought it may just be me, but yesterday morning, Casey mentioned surprise at his low blood pressure reading (a trip to his doctor today revealed that we are dealing with both viral and bacterial sicknesses that somehow hit us at the same time or one piggybacked on the other--no wonder it is lasting too long--it's two different things). I thought it only made sense for his blood pressure to be low; "We've been sitting around for days," I reminded him.

This last week has been no picnic, and don't get me wrong: I look forward to getting back to real life again, but as challenging as it has been, it has been so good for us. To hone in and focus only on doing true necessities has helped tremendously in the discipline department. There are moments where it takes everything in us to go deal with that situation, yet we realize the priority of doing so, and I hate to admit that this is probably the most consistent we have been in a chunk of time like this. (And we try to be consistent--it's just hard to do. We could always do better with consistency.) And though it is not a great thing, it also encouraged me to see Casey wearing down in his usual patient and calm discipline of the girls toward the end of the week. Perhaps it's not just me--perhaps they can give others a run for their money, too!

So, as much time and energy as it takes to keep up on these things (averaging about one correction/discipline/consequence doled out every 5-10 minutes that they are awake--I'm not kidding--it requires a great deal of stamina and resolve to handle these little ones' shenanigans), since training the children is one of the only things that have made it onto our priority list this week, it is helpful to see that at least the girls know we mean business, even if it hasn't changed their choices.

As to other things, things have been pretty low-key this week and we both feel pretty relaxed about life right now, which is a refreshing break. I don't feel guilty about things that "should" or "could" be done, and Casey doesn't worry that the yard needs mowing, etc.

So, I guess I wanted to write down what a blessing this difficult time has been to our family, and how thankful I am that we've had the experience (and I have to admit, how grateful I am that it HAS to be ending soon . . . right?). It will be good to look back and remember that even in the midst of challenging times, there were bright spots.

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