Friday, July 2, 2010

Is Your Wife Due

. . . This afternoon?



One day shy of 38 weeks, I laughed when Case told me a stranger had asked him this question as we’d entered a restaurant and I left him to order while I took the girls to the bathroom. While in that bathroom, I had caught a sideways glance of myself and shook my head at how ridiculous my belly looked.

Even with my “new” maternity tops (the ones bought because my other ones were showing belly) I am once again showing belly. No matter the tugging and adjusting, I’m simply too big for these tops as well. It works out well that I only have a little time left, and frankly, I’m not caring as much anymore.

You may notice I’m using Casey’s camera for these pics. I dropped and broke mine last week as I got a cute video of Haley playing “drive-through” with her high chair. Looks like we’ll be using this camera for our birth and newborn pictures. . . I hope I can finally get the hang of this camera and not take only blurry pictures of our new baby.

Time is ticking away. Some friends of mine took the girls yesterday for a few hours while I stayed home and did some much-needed paper sorting and organization. We also had a false alarm early in the morning that I might be going into labor. One of many, I’m guessing. Today’s not much different, except that I sent Case to work at the usual time. Figure I’ll go on with our plans to attend a friend’s luncheon and meet him at home if things really start to pick up. I’ll be posting more about the prodromal part of the last few weeks on my other blog, if you’re interested in the details. Anyway, I’m not holding my breath that today’s the day. Or tomorrow or the next, for that matter. Managing expectations is key for me in many areas of my life, and labor is no exception. At any rate, we’ll be meeting our little guy soon enough!


Debo said...

my my, firstly, why are you up at 6:21? I think you actually don't look as big in these photos as the ones from a couple weeks ago. Exciting times await!

Amy said...

Sarah, I think you look beautiful. You are all baby....I bet from the back no one could even tell you're pregnant. Can't wait to hear all about the arrival of your little guy-hopefully soon!!

Karin said...

Good job managing your expectations today, SRS. It's probably what did the trick in the end.:)

Anonymous said...

I was kind of surprised to find Casey's announcement on FB lastnight but OH SO HAPPY for the Cowarts! I can't wait to hear the birth story-from the few bits 'o info I've been able to glean it sounds like an exciting one! Jared and I got a good laugh at Claire's idea of what's exciting. :) Love you! Love, Adri