Monday, December 15, 2008

The Herd Overheard

Ruby, like her mother, absolutely must get glammed up before even putting one fingernail into the dishwater.

Claire: “I smell bwoky.” (broccoli)
Ruby: “No, it’s a toot.”10/30/08

Daddy: “Where are your manners?”
Ruby: “They went to Narnia.”11/3/08

Mommy: “Don’t hit your sister with a shovel.”
Claire: “Like on Ruby’s forehead?”
Mommy: “Don’t hit her anywhere.”
Claire: “Like on her eye?”. . . and so on. . . 11/8/08

Daddy: “Don’t put your finger in your nose.”
Claire: “I was checking if there was any boogers in there, but there wasn’t.”11/22/08

“Hoo-eee, Haley!” –Claire, waiving a chubby hand in front of her face, which she has placed six inches from Haley’s stinky diaper.11/23/08

We like to do anything Mommy does!
Ruby (talking about the baby in Auntie Tiff’s belly): “Maybe it’s a boy or a girl. I might be right!” 12/1/08

Ruby (getting dressed): “Mom, I’m wearing cut-a-freeze.” (capris) 12/3/08

Ruby (patting Mommy’s tummy): Mom, do you still have a baby in or’s tummy? ‘Cause it feels like you do.”12/4/08

Mommy: “Don’t suck on Haley.”
Claire: “I did not bite her. I just chewed her hand.”12/6/08

And on one final note, this is one of the many reasons why I must be vigilant about watching my wee ones:


khsharp said...

I love it, they say the funniest things! Nathan is just starting to put sentences together, I strive to be like you and write the memorable stuff down.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel loves watching this video and seeing the girls play. He talks to them the whole time the video plays. Wish we saw you all more. Love Karen and the Cowart boys