Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Stuff

It's the new year and blogging has taken to the backburner. Where to start? Pictures are the easy part.
Ruby and Claire immensely enjoyed the snow that came and went (almost as quickly) last month. They kept asking if I wanted to play in the snow with them. I am so not a fun mom. Told them I was freezing just taking their pictures.
Haley is mobile. I still wouldn't consider it crawling (I'm really picky about what is really crawling/walking, etc.), more like an army crawl or inchworming. She hasn't figured out the pick-up-your-arms-while-you-move-your-body thing. These pics were taken about a month ago when she started getting on hands-and-knees. And yes, those are pants on Ruby's head, thank you for asking. When I showed her the picture, she said, "Yeah, I was a mom." She likes pretending she has long hair. I guess pants are the way to do it.

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