Monday, November 1, 2010

The “Farm”

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Casey and I took the fam to a local “farm” on Friday.  I put “farm” in quotes so that you will not be disappointed at the barren land that is the background of many of our pictures.  (I am also choosing pics that will not reveal just how barren the land is, because it really is depressing.)

This is how it is when you live in the desert!  The “farm” consisted of about 100 acres of corn and another 150 perhaps of pumpkins and gourds.  That was pretty much it.  Not much to sneeze at, but I am very thankful for one thing: all the acres had been bare ground (read, “dust”) whose topsoil had been blowing every spring and fall for years, straight across the interstate and right into our neighborhood.  Sometimes the blowing dust was so thick, it was hard to see even 10 feet in front of us when we were driving.  That’s pretty scary on an interstate!  Several accidents had been caused by the crazy amount of dust, and the prior solution was to put signs at the areas’ entrance: “Caution: zero visibility likely.”  If you are like me, you probably think that the planting of crops is a much better solution.

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By far, the best part about this farm was that it was so close to our home, and that for most of our time there, we were the only customers.

droid2 098We attempted the corn maze, but didn’t get far, and ended up coming out the way we came in.  I didn’t mind not finishing it (making it to every point/station), but it was a little de-motivating to not at least come out a different way!

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(Haley’s face cracks me up—doesn’t she look like  a jack-o-lantern herself?)

Casey and the girls searched out a perfect carving pumpkin, as well as a little one.  The crops had been planted quite late, so there weren’t any really big pumpkins, but that made the job of choosing easier.

Yesterday, the girls chose a template and Casey carved their pumpkin with his Dremmel (?) tool.  A good deal better than a knife—it only took about 1/2 hour this time, as opposed to several hours.  R & C chose “Tigger the Pooh,” as they call him.  I am once again lazy, and am not downloading pictures just for a post (lame, I know), so I’ll post these pics of last year’s owl-carved pumpkin.  Maybe next year, I’ll post this year’s pumpkin! Smile


I’m glad Casey gets into this and is willing to indulge the girls.  The girls love setting the pumpkin out on the porch and seeing how it looks from the street.  I love that simple things like this can make their day.

Okay Kar, since you asked:



Unfortunately, I only did video of the “glowing” pumpkin, so that requires yet one more download (that I haven’t done).  Ah, the complexity that technology gives!


Karin said...

I am really impressed with the pumpkin (even if it was from last year), and would love to see what Tigger the Pooh looks like too!

Ian looks like he is growing very well. I'm curious to know his specs - do you have any recent ones?

Alan and I were impressed that little Alan was just now able to correctly identify all five of you in the picture you posted (you and the little ones) - not by saying your names, but he correctly pointed to each of you as we asked "where's cousin Ruby?" etc. Perhaps he just guessed right on each one of you, so we'll have to try it again with a different picture to see:) Anyway, I'm happy to know he "knows" his cousins, and hopefully he will know them in person someday!

Ann said...

Precious pictures, Sarah!

Ian is so big. How old is he now? BTW-how do you feel you have adjusted to having four? Does it seem better than it was from 3 to 4?

I am not posting it on my blog yet, but just thought I would tell you that I am pregnant again. I think I will wait until I have an ultrasound and Lord-willing all looks well. I didn't tell anyone at all for the first week. But the nausea is starting to hit, so that makes me hopeful that things are healthy this time around.

I was just thinking-what if I had another boy, so I would have a girl and 3 boys. And you have 3 girls and one boy. How funny!

I have loads of spiderwebs around my house (and in my house) because we live across the street from the lake. I complain about it all the time, but I think I will still take it over the dust. Don't miss that!

Sarah said...

Kar, I will know Ian's specs on Wed. Do you know Andre's? Do you have a pediatritian there?

Funny that A2 can list everyone. I'm impressed, too. Haley has a hard time recognizing herself sometimes! (She saw a picture in our hallway the other day and noticed the 8-month-old version of herself and said: "Jeremiah!" (her friend who is that age now).

I too, hope the cousins will "know" each other some day.

Karin said...

Thanks for putting up pictures of Tigger-the-Pooh-the-Pumpkin!

I did just get Andre's specs last week, and just put up a post with them. Let me know what the doctor said about Ian!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had fun, Sarah! Speaking of the carved pumpkins, it's funny what memories children will have many years later. I was telling Gram about a costume my dad helped me with when I was about 4th grade. She didn't remember it, but it was one of the few memories I have of my dad and after almost 50 years.

See you soon.