Monday, February 23, 2009

Couponing: Is it for Me?

Hello, friends! I have just a moment to share with you what I signed up for last week: a 10-week course in couponing.

Like others, I am sure, I have enjoyed using the occasional coupon for that occasional thing that I actually need or use, but in the past, when I have tried to get into serious, money-saving (and making!) couponing, I have never been able to make it worth my while or save enough to keep it up.

My problem, I believe, was that I did not know what I was doing. Last week, I signed up with Claire at choystercash and I have hopes that she can prove me wrong in my coupon naysaying. I hope to update this blog with some of my experiences along this journey, but wanted to invite any of you who are also critical of the whole money-making couponing craze to join me in what I hope to be at the least a bit fun, and perhaps generate a few free toiletries and extra items for donation (chances are, there will still be things I don't and won't use!).

Please visit the above link and if it sounds fun to you, please join me in signing up!

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