Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Week (and More) in Pictures and Blurbs

My Valentine brought home a beautiful treat.

What I spent the better part of a day dealing with:

9:07 a.m. last Friday. For those who are not aware: we are full-swing into potty training here at the moo house, meaning no mamsy-pamsy Pull-ups around here. A millimeter of thin cotton is all that separates us from danger.

I find the whole training thing goes faster when they have some serious discomfort to deal with if they don't go in the potty. So panties it is, even when we're away from home.

Claire has done so well with only a couple accidents for the 2+ weeks while she trained herself, and I believe only 3 accidents since "I" have been potty training her. The responsibility for this accident lies squarely on my shoulders. I forgot to take Claire to the potty before we left Costco (in my defense, I did take her when we arrived there!) and she almost made it all the way home.

Eleven minutes later, I finally have the cover off and in the washer. What a pain this car seat is to take apart! I'm actually looking forward to its expiration date in 2010 (which I conveniently looked for while cleaning the beast)!

Twelve hours and one minute later: good as new, and smelling better than ever! To my relief, putting everything back together took only a moment, and even better--no extra parts! As to learning a lesson, I believe it is I who have learned mine: nixing Pull-ups means Mommy has to be a little less absent-minded while running errands.

I have no picture for this one, but Case started his new job last Friday. He was busy that first day, which he says is a good sign. So far, he's enjoying it. Sounds like it will be nice and challenging for him. Like I've said before, he seems to like challenges and stress (though he prefers to keep the stress at work and doesn't so much thrive on it here at home--for which I am very thankful).

Okay, now on with the weekend:

Sandy flew in on Saturday, so we picked her up on the way to Casey's flying lesson and we ladies all went to lunch while Casey worked on taking off and landing techniques (he's hoping to actually get in the air next lesson).

While we watched him at the end, a guy came up and told me Casey's technique was perfect. Good to know, since I have no idea what I'm seeing (looks a little like an alien, doesn't it?).

Monday: Sandy and the girls go on a date to Wal-Mart.

Tuesday: Sandy's been waiting to see Ruby at her ballet class and finally got to see her with her friends. This class has really grown. I counted 12 girls last week. Amazingly, it is not chaotic in the least (though I do miss the more individualized time).

Almost done! Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of buying this house. It is seriously hard to believe we have been here that long. And none-too-soon, we actually have something on our balcony now! (Though that niche is still bare. . . any suggestions?)

Now we'll have two reasons to remember February 26th: it is also the day we bought our first brand new vehicle. Casey is very excited about his little Toyota. He's been shopping for it for a few weeks, and decided to go brand spankin' new this time.


Andy and Amy said...

Sarah and Casey,
Congrats on the new car and the new job!!
In the potty training department, I discovered that the thicker training pants with plastic pants over the top worked good for going out in public. They still gave some discomfort, but kept the puddle at bay.
Way to go Claire!

Karin said...

That is one beautiful truck! I've always thought a Tacoma would be the way to go - especially a silver one :)