Monday, February 23, 2009

Perfectionism is a Tough Habit to Break

So many things have been going on this past week. I have no idea where to start. My brain is thinking many things, and I'm just going to say that this list will in no way flow, and that's going to have to be okay with me. The girls have another cold as of late last week, and it's creating more night waking, even among usually good sleepers and I'm pretty much ready to have a good 6 hour stretch of straight sleep . . . please! I have a whole post dedicated to this topic. As to whether or not it will ever get written and posted, I cannot tell.

Sandy, my MIL (also sick :() is in town this week as well. What? Yes, she was here last month, and had a free ticket that had an expiration date and we were her choice in all the destinations she could have picked. Okay, it isn't that amazing, but we are honored, nonetheless. Even though she sounds and feels terrible, she has been such a help and a blessing to our family.

Today, having Sandy here helped me quickly jet (by myself!) to Walgreens and do my first couponing assignment: pick up all six items at Walgreens that end up being free after rebate (and by the way, I'm LOVING that I can submit the rebate so VERY quickly online, instead of in the mail.) I have nothing to report about the actual savings yet, but theoretically, I should be receiving my Walgreens gift card in the next couple weeks worth what the items cost plus 10%. I then will use it for my next purchase of free or next-to-free items. Sounds easy enough, right?

To tell the truth, when I read the assignment for this week, I thought it sounded so easy that I should go ahead and try to do a little more. A couple hours later, confused and frustrated (where in the ad is this item that is supposedly on sale? Why does this coupon link say the offer is expired?) I got offline and decided to just take baby steps. I know. Novel idea, right? This is a problem I have. I see that something is simple and think: how can I make it more complicated? Not that that actually crosses my mind, but I get carried away with what "could be" and end up burning out before I've done what I was supposed to, forget all my other plans. I have to remind myself with this couponing thing: "I am not a coupon maven. I may be one day, but I am not one right now. Just do what you're told. Don't add anything." So next week, I'll stick to the assignment only.

Well, there are many things on my list of what I want to blog, but alas, it is almost 9 p.m. and that is my new bedtime. (Silence) . . . (pin dropping). I know. You're wondering how long I'll keep it up. I have no idea. But my guess is that I may not be blogging much while I try to get into this new routine. This is truly a stretch for me to go to bed several hours before I'm accustomed to "retiring," but one good thing is that sleep helps keep one healthy, and as of this moment, I am the only healthy human being in the household, and it would be really wonderful for all of us if I could stay that way.

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ann said...

Hi Sarah! Don't lose heart with the couponing. It can be extremely overwhelming! It took me forever to feel like I finally knew what I was doing. And just when I felt like I was getting ahead I had Andrew and I haven't had time to do any couponing lately. Is there a CVS nearby you? I have benefited the most from that! Sorry you guys are all sick. Ellie and Luke have had horrible coughs, so along with Andrew's nighttime feedings, they have been up as well. Not a lot of rest going on at our house these days. Hope you get some sleep tonight!